HH Windows & Doors, Inc



“The best engineered wood window on the market”
–Dan Stettler, M Arch, Stettler Design

“…the nicest windows I have ever seen…” -Richard Becker, homebuilder

“Whenever people enter our house, your windows are invariably the first thing they remark upon.” -Jamie Fisher, Architect, Seattle, WA

“I can’t imagine installing anything else” “They provide both a weathertight seal against cold and much more effective ventilation than any other window I have seen. It’s a great design in a high quality window.” –Chuck Perov, homeowner

“I have specified HH windows for use on custom homes which I have designed, and I have used HH windows on my own home. One of these windows is a magnificent, 7′ tall 42″ wide french casement with a curved top. It is larger than any of the french doors in my house, and garners its share of amazed comments from my architect friends. I know of no one else but HH WINDOWS & DOORS who could have built this outstanding window for me.” -Gene Morris, Architect Lagerquist & Morris AIA, P.S. INC. Seattle, WA

“…the most dramatic and rewarding addition to our remodel…” “The additional light, functionality, and beauty make them the most dramatic and rewarding addition to our remodel. We can see the sky from every room, and this summer with the doors open wide, it felt like living in a tree house. In the winter, or when cooking, the dormer windows allow for good ventilation and temperature control, without having to have the doors open. Not a person comes over that doesn’t remark about the uniqueness and beauty of our HH windows. Thank you Hannes.” -Martha and Carleton Keck, homeowners

“The windows are fantastic! Not only their quality and workmanship, but the impact they have on the look and feel of our house — from inside and from outside. This is exactly (even beyond) what we hoped for as an improvement to our ’50′s rambler with its aluminum window frames.” -Todd and Sylvie Currie, homeowners Seattle, WA