HH Windows & Doors, Inc



Kiln Apartments is an 18,000 sq. ft. Passive House building situated in the heart of pulsating North Portland, with 19 for-lease apartments and ground floor retail space. Kiln Apartments is one of the largest Passive House certified structures in the United States; the building requires 65-75 percent better energy performance than Portland’s already industry leading requirements. The building has a highly insulated airtight envelope, with round the clock ventilation and heat exchange bringing in fresh air and exhaling stale air. The cornerstone of the building’s energy performance however lies in the triple pane, triple overlap, triple gasket floor-to-ceiling tilt-turn windows and doors from HH Windows & Doors. With incredibly low U-values and strategically engineered Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, the large tilt-turn windows keep summer heat out and soak in the low winter rays. Although absolutely airtight, the fully operable windows open up to provide unparalleled ventilation in the warm summer months. Did we mention they’re beautiful? The clear interior finish on the windows shows off the gorgeous Douglas fir, adding the perfect aesthetic touch to these stylish apartments. A true engineering feat, HH Windows & Doors is proud to have played a key role in one of the most high profile Passive House projects ever in the United States.