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The Tilt & Turn window is the highest performing window on the market. Engineered to last a lifetime, the Tilt & Turn window is an investment in your home, health, and lifestyle.

tilt & turn window slider 2

The Tilt & Turn window is three windows in one: depending on the handle position, it can be operated as a fixed window, an inswing casement window, or a hopper window. This allows tremendous versatility in day to day use; tilting in from the top allows ventilation without compromising security, while swinging in allows easy access for cleaning from the inside. The highest performing window on the market, the Tilt & Turn window combines long lasting beauty and easy dependable operation. The Tilt & Turn window has been the market leader in residential and commercial construction in Germany since the 1960′s and has now gained wide acceptance outside of Europe.

  • The most energy efficient wood window on the market: Uw = .16 (triple pane glass) Uw = .23 (double pane glass)
  • Slender, modern design: great for architectural design solutions
  • Low maintenance and built to last a lifetime
  • Weather and soundproof: completely air and water tight with triple-overlay sash and frame construction and triple gasketing (Soundproofing up to 47 dB (SSK 5)
  • Superior indoor air quality with draft-free ventilation
  • Easy to clean due to dual function operation
  • Can be built in extremely large sizes
  • Solid construction: available in 2 5/8″ (68mm) or 3 1/8″(78mm) thick sash and frame, with double mortise-and-tenon joinery
  • Full range of glazing options: double or triple pane glass with numerous LoE coatings and gas fill
  • Screens available
  • Unlimited finishing options
  • Made from laminated solid vertical grain Douglas-Fir or a wood of your choice
  • Also available in Aluminum-clad